Looking for a way to make a difference?

Garden to Classroom – SFGF works with public and charter schools in your community to provide teachers with educational materials and raised beds to teach children why growing and eating fresh raw produce is important for body, mind and soul. Donate now and help us plant another Square Foot Garden in a school yard.

Examples of our Classroom gardens:

Holmes Elementary School Garden

Currently we can count over 550 schools we have been able to donate time and materials to including:

CA Johnson HS, Columbia SC – working with teens age 14 to 16 in the science magnet program to prove the real impact of a plant based diet. The goal is to also show an increase in grade point averages.

Alcorn MS, Columbia SC – working with the after-school program and latch key kids to give a positive out reach program where kids and focus their time and energy in a positive constructive manner.

Carver-Lyon Elementary, Columbia SC – this program focuses on where food comes from. How does the food chain impact daily life? Every child in the school will have a chance to grow fresh food in the garden to take home to share with their families.

Brookman Montessori School – each teacher was given curriculum to teach with hands on classroom time in the garden – subjects covered: math, science, writing, and team work skills.

Community SF Garden Spot – The Square Foot Gardening Foundation is committed to community and civic engagement. We believe in our mission statement – to teach everyone and anyone how to improve their health and wellness by growing an all natural produce garden at home. Donate now and help us move towards this goal of making Square Foot Gardening a way of life in your community.

Examples of working and successful Square Foot Garden Spots:

St James Church Community GardenSt. John’s Baptist Church, Columbia SC – SFG worked in partnership with Columbia College to build a program based around a walking circuit, crock pot cooking and growing your own veggies. This garden impacted the community so effectively it was given the Washington Center Award for Civic engagement in 2012.

EdVenture SC State Museum, Columbia SC – two Square Foot Gardens on wheels were custom built to teach youngsters age 4 to 9 how to prepare healthy meals in their own kitchen’s straight from the garden. This is a part of their Taste Buds program. The museum staff is also using these gardens in their distance learning program via internet web bases classrooms.

SFG HQ – We need your support and donations to help us keep providing the level of service that best benefits each and everyone of our communities. Please donate now and know without a doubt that your donation will provide real service and impact no matter which program you want to support.

3100 North Main Columbia SC 29223 – Donate now to help us own the building we operate out of.  We need to raise a total of $165,000 by 2016 in order to purchase the building where we have set up operations.  The property has over 5200 square feet with a huge classroom where we offer free classes to the community. It also has over an acre of land for community gardens.

Access Freely GardenSquare Foot Health Advocacy – We are working with the Center for Disease Control and USC School of Medicine to prove the true health benefits of maintaining your health instead of medicating your condition. While we do not in any way want to imply you should ignore your health practitioners professional diagnosis and treatment, we do want to prove how important a plant based diet with reasonable exercise is for a truly happy and healthy life. Donate now to make a difference in your World.