Humanitarian Projects


The Square Foot Gardening Foundation’s goal is to teach the world how Square Foot Gardening can change their lives. By eating healthy, fresh, nutritious, organic food. By getting outdoors and breathing the fresh air. By tending the earth and getting back in touch with nature. By coming together as a family; as a community. By showing our future generations that they too can make a difference and live a healthier, active lifestyle. Our humanitarian projects, both locally and abroad, are changing lives worldwide One Square Foot at a time.

SFG in Schools

SFGF fully believes in teaching our future generations about Square Foot Gardening by bringing SFG to the classroom, whether it’s a public, private or home school. Our goal is to help children learn about growing their own healthy food and be environmentally conscience by practicing the 3Rs. This program helps them to learn science, math, writing and art in a hands-on, fun learning environment with our Classroom Workbook.

Community Gardens

Community gardens help local communities in many ways such as neighborhood improvement, building a sense of community and connection to the environment, as well as providing healthy, organic food to those in need. We work with cities, churches, shelters and many other organizations to build community gardens throughout the country and internationally.


By teaching communities around the world to feed themselves and become independent and self sufficient, we can help end world hunger. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in the lives around us.