Square Foot Gardening Method

Our Method

The Square Foot Gardening method is one of the simplest things you will ever learn that will improve your life.

What does that mean? What is the Square Foot Gardening method?

Square Foot Gardening is a simple method for planting seeds in a specific way in a raised bed garden.

We have a perfect blend of potting soil that is specific to the Square Foot Gardening method.

SFG GArdenStep one

Build a box

Step two

Fill with Square Foot Gardening potting soil

Step three

Add a grid and start planting

It’s that simple!

The Box – build a frame from any non-treated, 6 inch wide lumber – or other similar material. When you place the box on the ground be sure to first put down weed mat or landscape fabric to prevent weeds from growing into your garden.

Best Size – 4×4 box, but be creative. As long as you don’t make your frame wider than 4 feet, you can design your own look. Kids have shorter arms than adults so be sure to make the frame no wider than 3 feet for children’s gardens.

How to make Square Foot Gardening potting soil:

Making SFG Soil1/3 Coarse Grade Vermiculite
1/3 Spagnum Peat Moss
1/3 Blended Compost

These ingredients will be in equal volumes not by weight.

Compost Tips – blended compost means find different types. Some common ones are poultry or manure, green waste, or worm castings. Go to a few different nurseries or stores and compare ingredients on the bags of compost and buy a variety.  One super easy way to have a blended compost is to start your own compost pile and use that!

Looking for Vermiculite? Call your local Home Improvement or Farm Implement store. If that fails we do sell it in our store.

Peat Moss is found at the same places as the compost and vermiculite. It usually comes in a big bale and you will have to break it apart and fluff it up.

SFG Potting SoilDon’t want to make it ? You can purchase pre-made in your local Lowes and Home Depot.

SFG Tip – it is critical to moisten the SFG potting soil 100% before planting – that means you can squish a handful and it stays together but no water will drip out of your fingers.

Be very careful when you decided to make this at home – follow the recipe to the tee – many Square Foot Gardens have failed to thrive by changing this recipe.

How to plant in the Square Foot Garden method

PlantingThere are four spacing guidelines:
Extra Large
– one per square for 12 inch spacing
Large – 4 per square for 6 inch spacing
Medium – 9 per square for 4 inch spacing
Small – 16 per square for 3 inch spacing.

Use the seed packet to find out what spacing your plant needs. A tomato or green pepper plant needs one per square. While radishes and carrots need 16 per square.

The grid is what makes your raised bed a Square Foot Garden. The grid is one of the most important things to include while following a Square Foot method.