Join Us! Volunteer at SFG!

Thank you so much for considering volunteer work with the Square Foot Gardening Foundation!

As a volunteer you will be joining a wonderful community of people who generously donate their time to help bring Square Foot Gardening to their community. Together, we’re building community gardens and school gardens; we’re bringing fresh produce and a healthy lifestyle back to our communities.

We are grateful for the enthusiasm, dedication and love you share with us every single day.

The Square Foot Gardening Foundation is always looking for dedicated souls that wish to help better the lives of the people in their communities and to also enrich their own lives. Our vision of spreading the Square Foot Gardening method throughout our communities and all around the world depends on volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many different ways volunteers can help us with our goal to end world hunger.  You can volunteer to plant and care for community gardens, organize and setup a SFG Symposium in your community, or spread the SFG message of self sufficiency and healthy living to schools, churches, and senior community centers. The volunteer opportunities are endless!

Who should I contact?

Please contact us to learn about volunteer opportunities in your area.