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CI Zoom with Ed Thralls: Vegetable Growing in Hot Climates

Ed Thralls, Florida – Urban Horticulture Agent for University of Florida Extension Orange County

There are challenges to vegetable growing in Central Florida and CI Ed Thralls will share his tips from decades of gardening in this unique climate.  Its growing calendar is almost the reverse of the New England, Midwest and Northwest regions – learn how to modify traditional prep and planting methods to grow abundant produce in the tropics.  He will share best practices and know-how in:

  • Gardening seasons in Central Florida
  • Mel’s Mix™, pH adjustments and compost
  • What doesn’t grow well together – rethink companion planting
  • Pest management in tropical climates
  • Gardening without irrigation and fertilizer

Ed is an Urban Horticulture Agent in Orlando and is looking forward to your questions – and he says he’ll even drop in some algebra that helps you plan your squares!


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