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Jan CI bulletinGreetings, Certified Instructors!

Happy New Year! Here’s to a 2022 that brings us inspired, delicious gardens as well as a pandemic that is finally in the rear view mirror. Fingers crossed!

Like no other time in our lives, our gardens give us so much pleasure.

It’s not only our families that are nourished – it’s our souls as well. The Wall Street Journal ran an inspiring letter this month from the chairman of Burpee Seed. Along with Burpee’s own data on the explosion of COVID-induced gardening, he shared:

“For decades the Great American Garden Boom always seemed right around the corner. But it proved to be a horticultural sleeping giant no one could awaken. It took the pandemic to get the ranks of gardeners multiplying and prospering. The massive new interest in gardening demonstrates American ingenuity and determination amid a crisis.” 

Yes, that it does. While most of us Northerners are armchair gardening this time of year, our list of garden dreams is substantial. Enjoy every satisfying minute of this planning season for your SFG, and thanks for being amazing advocates for gardening self-sufficiency in your own communities.

Happy Gardening!
Laura and Steve Bartholomew
The Square Foot Gardening Foundation


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