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Greetings, Friends!

Autumn is just around the corner. Crisp nights, warm days – that’s why Mel said fall is absolutely the best time of the year for cool-season crops. Turns out its fall, not spring, for the win! Speaking of wins, we’ve got a “preseason” theme this month on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Just like your favorite football team starts training in the heat of summer, August is THE MONTH to begin planning and planting(see our blog post below on Cool Vegetables to Try in Your Fall SFG) for a veggie victory in October. Don’t stay on the sidelines – scoot over to our social channels for tips, “game film” and awesome coaches who will inspire you to score big in your autumn SFG – enjoy!

Happy Gardening!

Laura and Steve Bartholomew

The Square Foot Gardening Foundation

Using Shade Cloth in Your SummerSquare Foot Garden

Summer heat can be devastating for your Square Foot Garden, understanding how to use shade cloth can help your plants thrive during the extreme sun and humidity
Just like we humans, plants sometimes need to get out of the hot sun and under the shade to sip a cool drink and take a break from the sweltering heat.
shadow cover in square foot garden

Encore! Cool Vegetables to Try inYour Fall SFG

From crisp salads to sturdy sidedishes on your autumn menus, growing a fall vegetable garden provides tasty, fresh produce beyond the summer months. In North America, the time to plant vegetables for a fall harvest is normally between mid-July and early August. Because timing is crucial for a successful fall harvest, it’s best to calculate planting dates based on your area’s first frost.
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