Square Foot Gardening

A special message from SFG headquarters

Once upon a time, an engineer retired. He bought a piece of heaven in the country and drifted away into the life of long days of anything he ever dreamed of doing. During one of those idyllic days, a windstorm blew down a grove of trees – the engineer looked at the clearing as a gift and he planted a garden.

How does one go about learning to garden after a life of rules and deadlines? His life prior to retirement had been so hectic, so stressful. Now looking at the land and the idea before him, he went on a journey to find a revolutionary new idea – gardening that was easy, simple and fun. He saw the rules in gardening and dared to ask why? Why rows? Why so much waste? Why am I being told to farm my back yard?

He wanted beauty, flowers and veggies in harmony with the life he had chosen to live each day. Throwing the passion of an enigmatic engineer at a ragtag collection of answers from the most knowledgeable gardening minds he could find – the only real answer he found is: “that’s the way we have always done it.”

Mel could not accept that and neither should you. When he placed all the ideas into a pattern, he gave birth to the Square Foot Gardening method. Once he found the joy restored and the ease, he then shared his ideas with the world. You are now in the folds of a family built upon the sure foundation that food is a gift and a joy.

As we settle into the harvest season, we at Square Foot Gardening want to encourage you to live the joy of the fall garden. Think of the spring gardening everyone waits all winter for, but then add the glory of the cool nights and warm afternoons. The slow moments as the days shorten and leaves change color. All the exact same crops you are so eager to plant in spring can grow in happy abundance right now.

Please join us in our efforts to change the world and make a difference. When you purchase from the Square Foot Gardening Foundation, you not only enrich your life, but your support provides gardens and education for families who are going without. We want to teach the world how to grow food for their families. Let’s end hunger by teaching how to provide for the family table from the small, economic Square Foot Garden. Entirely 100% of the revenue created goes to the Square Foot Gardening Foundation to provide at little or no cost, our “Square Yard in the School Yard Program.” We believe that all families have the right to eat a healthy diet.

Thank you for believing in our mission – with you, we can make a difference.

Happy Gardening,
SFG headquarters