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Our Mission

MEL BARTHOLOMEW is the originator and inventor of the Square Foot Gardening™ method. It was Mel’s vision to help all gardeners learn the empowering life skill of Square Foot Gardening so they can create their own sustainable, sufficient, and reliable food source.  Mel also believed that teaching people in underserved countries how to grow their own fresh produce was a reasonable solution to help end world hunger.

Square Foot Gardening can easily be converted to Square Meter Gardening and has been proven to work anywhere in the world. Part of the success of Square Foot Gardening is that it helps promote self-sufficiency and an income-producing means for people around the world.

Another reason Square Foot Gardening is so popular is that the method saves land and precious water. In fact, very little land is needed and utilizing only 10% of the water of a traditional row garden, it makes Square Foot Gardening extremely efficient. No machinery, fertilizers, or heavy tools are ever needed, and no skills or horticulture experience is necessary.

The Square Foot Gardening Foundation believes that communities around the world can learn how to grow much of their own food in a very small space – no matter where they live, the soil conditions, or what their circumstances are. A Square Foot Garden can even be put on wheels or raised to accommodate a wheelchair or assist those who have a problem bending!

We welcome you to consider starting your own Square Foot Garden or become a Certified Instructor to teach others to help themselves. With an open mind and an open heart let’s see if we can help solve world hunger one square foot at a time.

– Laura and Steve Bartholomew
Square Foot Gardening Foundation

Build a Beautiful Square Foot Garden

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