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A Square Yard in the School Yard

Check out “Square Foot Gardening With Kids” a great resource for parents of home-schooled children or even preschoolers providing many wonderful and rewarding lessons.

The Foundation believes that teaching future generations how to be good stewards of the land and the environment should start with our youth.

“A Square Yard in the School Yard” is a hands-on approach taught in schools to children of all ages and demonstrates how vegetables are grown, the importance of nutrition and the benefits of locally grown foods.

In a scaled-down version of Square Foot Gardens, elementary school children are able to dig, plant and harvest their own vegetables. Using Mel’s “Zip, Zap, Bing, Bing, Bing” method is incredibly easy and fun.

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children planting sfg with teacher

The Square Foot Gardening curriculum is currently used in many school districts in the U.S. to educate and excite young people about the importance of eating healthy and the benefits of sustainability. The curriculum’s STEAM approach is also an effective springboard to teach about science, math, art, social interaction and cooperation for all grade levels.

Learn more about how to get ‘A Square Yard in the School Yard’ to your school. Contact us for more details of how you can help can get SFG in schools across the nation.

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