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Where can I purchase Mel’s Mix?

We stopped selling Mel’s Mix because it was expensive and environmentally prohibitive to ship. Instead, we teach you how to make your own in our books and on our website.

Mel’s Mix Resources

Is vermiculite safe? Doesn't it contain asbestos?

The asbestos concerns stem from one single deposit found in Montana. That mine was closed in 1990, so there are no concerns when it comes to the vermiculite you use today. We want to clarify that the vermiculite sold in stores today is safe to use in your garden!
Watch our video about vermiculite here.

Where can I find the 5 composts?

The best advice is to make your own. We have information on our website, check out the blog posts below. If you are unable to make your own, most nurseries and some big box stores will carry OMRI labeled bagged compost.

Bagged Vs. Homemade Compost

How to Make Your Own Compost

Is peat moss sustainable? Aren't we running out of it?

Canadian peat moss is sustainably harvested and supplies 80% of North American demand. It is not going anywhere!

We also recommend watching our video on peat moss.

Do I really need a grid?

Absolutely! It’s the best way to know what you’ve planted and not waste your space. It’s the hallmark of a Square Foot Garden! Watch the video about the grids.

Can I really grow tomatoes in 6” of Mel’s Mix?

Yes! Other than potatoes and carrots (we build the soil up for those), you can grow almost any vegetable in 6” of Mel’s Mix. If you have a deeper bed, we recommend filling the base of the bed with clean builders’ sand, add a layer of weed cloth or cardboard, then add your 6” of Mel’s Mix. You don’t need any more as it will be wasteful.

Why should I use landscape fabric? It's bad, right?

Landscape fabric will help keep insects out and stop weeds and roots from competing with your vegetables for water and nutrients. Learn more in our video.

How can I find an answer to a specific question not listed on the FAQ page?

There are several options:

Find and contact a Certified Instructor on our CI Locator map.

Join our Official Forum here and ask a seasoned SFGer:

Visit our YouTube channel for informative SFG videos here:

Contact us at

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