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Are you looking for alternatives to peat?

Sadly, peat is a slow growing, natural resource that hasn’t always been well managed, and in many places has been seriously depleted, leaving negative effects on the environment. Many gardeners are looking for a peat alternative.

Mel’s Mix is a carefully chosen, balanced growing medium consisting of 1/3 peat, 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 blended compost. It is ph neutral, nutrient rich, friable, and well draining without drying out. All three ingredients play their part in creating this winning combination.

Creating Mel's Mix & Compost

Here are some handy charts explaining how much Mel’s Mix you need for common SFG box sizes and explaining how many 5
gallon buckets each of peat moss, compost, and coarse vermiculite you need to make specific volumes of Mel’s Mix.

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Mel's Mix Calculator

How Much Soil Do You Need?

Here’s a handy Mel’s Mix calculator. For instance, a 4’x4’x6″ deep raised bed would need 8 cubic feet of Mel’s Mix to fill the bed.
To make it super simple, you would need FOUR (5) gallon buckets EACH of fluffed peat moss (or coco coir), coarse vermiculite and blended compost. Always make extra compost since you’ll add a trowel to a square each and every time you harvest it.


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