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Guatemala - Cultiva International

Cultiva International is a non-profit organization located in Guatemala whose mission is to improve lives by teaching sustainable living, fostering independence, not dependence. Cultiva has been using the Square Foot Gardening method since 2013 after founder Greg Jensen and his family picked up their roots and moved back to Guatemala. The Jensens settled in one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, in the highlands of Guatemala, leaving their comfortable yet unfulfilling life in the U.S. behind.

The Jensen’s wanted to empower the Mayan people who were eager to help themselves in creating a better life for their families and communities. Early on Cultiva embraced the Square Foot Gardening method and has achieved significant results. Here is an excerpt from Cultiva’s story:


Garden Boxes Installed


Training Hours Completed

The Harsh Reality

Greg’s introduction to Square Foot Gardening dates back to 2010 when he took some classes offered by the Square Foot Garden Foundation in Utah. He quickly embraced the concept of a more efficient way of gardening, beginning with planting his first garden in his own backyard.

Eventually, he and his family returned to their homeland in Guatemala. Initially, they embarked on several business adventures but as fate would have it they saw more pressing needs where they could make a difference.

“Our arrival in Guatemala was mind-blowing. We knew that Guatemala was suffering, but we didn’t know how badly. We quickly learned that it’s the fourth most chronically malnourished country in the world, plaguing seven out of ten Mayan children. We knew we had to do something.”

Greg Jensen

Over the last eight years, the Jensen’s have had numerous volunteers visit Guatemala and work with Cultiva to teach the Square Foot Gardening Method.

The Face of Cultiva

Cultiva's Mission

Learn more about the amazing things Cultiva International is doing to help the Mayan people in Guatemala

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