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Square Foot Gardening

Join the millions of gardeners around the world who grow their own organic, fresh produce with Square Foot Gardening

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How to Help Pollinators in Your Garden

Pollinators are essential to human survival, responsible for bringing us one third of the world’s food. Bees come to mind first, but did you know that planting flowers in your SFG attracts pollinators?

Get more tips on helping these hard-working heroes

DIY Organic Pesticide Sprays

Plants grown in a Square Foot Garden are typically healthier from the get-go, mostly because they are given the kind of soil and watering conditions they need to withstand many pests and diseases. But if you’ve been gardening for…

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You Can Still Start a Garden This Year

Planting Chart Cheat Sheets

Mel wanted every gardener - experienced or beginner - to have a great experience growing their own food. The awesome planting charts in the back of the Square Foot Gardening book are a tremendous help.

Small-space organic gardening, plant-based living, self-sufficiency…

What’s in your garden can minimize fossil fuel consumption – the SFG Way of Life.

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