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Laura Bartholomew

During the course of Laura’s long career in advertising and marketing, she always found that being outdoors was a great equalizer in a busy life which included running a business and raising a family. One of her passions was (and still is) flower gardening. Always planting, digging and transplanting in her yard, her neighbors referred to her as a “farmer”. In the years that followed, and with her close relationship with her Father-in-law, Mel Bartholomew, Laura gained an incredible amount of Square Foot Gardening knowledge by Mel himself. Laura has become a Certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor, and is the co-director of the Square Foot Gardening Foundation since Mel’s passing in 2016. She continues to champion Mel’s method and mission whole-heartedly. In her words: “ Our Certified Instructors continue to be our greatest mentors and have been the backbone of the success of the Foundation’s work.”

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